About Us

Grace Biskie has been inspiring ever since she started sharing her own stories and being a better person. Knowing how most people lose faith nowadays, we were more than motivated to create our own place to share the word of God. Especially now that a lot of teens, even adults, tends to walk on a different path, making wrong decisions, being regretful and doing things that shouldn’t even be done. We are here to spread every lesson and morals we know. To lead as many people as we can to the right path. In order to do that, we have to share a lot of stories from various people who faced problems and regrets before. Everyone can learn from their past be it painful or not.

It’s our mission to create a place for everyone who wants to share their feelings, and problems without being uncomfortable as well. Like what we said earlier, most people are prone in making wrong decisions and regrets, eventually leading them to negative thoughts and making them prone to depression. These traumas and problems might be worse and can lead anyone to suicidal thoughts as they might think that it’s the only way to solve or avoid their problems. To avoid that, we intend to make this website for those people who suffers with their own struggles. We want to make this website free for anyone who wants to share their thoughts, concerns and receive help from anyone by giving advice or even by the word of God.

Through years, we kept our purpose clear and we did help a lot of people with their own difficulties. We’re more than glad to reach out to a lot of people and spread the word of God. Our team is hoping to touch the hearts of many more people.