This website is a place for anyone who would like to know more about God’s word and miracles.

This website is a place for anyone who would like to know more about God’s word and miracles.

The Word of God is always important in our daily lives. It’s either we have to read, listen or watch it in our bedrooms, living rooms or even inside our garage doors in Wichita from with our family or even when we are alone. We have to know that it is very important to always start our days with scriptures so we can be positive throughout the day. It’s a shame actually that most people don’t take these words seriously and won’t even pay any attention. However, that is something we cannot get used to, whatever happens, it’s always important to have faith and to believe in God.

Our website was inspired by Grace Biskie’s stories and blogs. Since we are fascinated by how she obtained redemption by following the Word of God, we want to do the same.

We post bible scriptures, word of God and interesting stories from different people every week. The scriptures and bible verses will always be posted everyday but the blog posts (stories etc.) may vary for we gather lots of stories before we post them. If you are interested with these tons of narratives, you can check out our website every week. We guarantee that you will learn a lot from us and encounter entertaining, soulful and educating situations and morals from us. Most people go to our site to get help, be motivated, inspired and gain positive vibes so they can overcome any obstacles coming their way.

If you are interested in sharing your story that helped you become a better person, feel free to share your story to us. You can contact us anytime and send your interesting life or stories so we can inspire a lot more people. But if it’s better for you, you can just post in our forum where anyone is free to join discussions and talks. Feel free to interact with one another and give your thoughts and concerns. We all can post about our problems too, if ever you are facing difficulties in life and wants to know how to get through it, just ask us for help or see other people who use our website. Just make sure to sign up so you will be able to do that. All of us know how hard it is to cope up with our own struggles so it’s better to find friends here and gain massive help!

We can give you advice and share words to make you feel better especially now that most teens and adults are prone to depression. That is one of our reasons for creating this website. Depression can lead anyone to a higher risk of suicide so we want to make a place for people with difficulties in life. This can be your safe house, a place where you can freely express yourself and receive help by the words of God and people’s personal advice.

Let’s all be more faithful and be a better person through this website. Help one another and spread the word of God.

Being a better person through faith in God

As someone who has faced many problems and faced too many difficulties in life, I never thought I can be a better person after going through a lot of struggles.

Years ago, my life almost crumbled because of the problems that went my way. I never met my parents for I am an orphan. When I was a kid, I thought my life would be okay even if I have no parents supporting me. I thought I will be fine just by myself in that old and small orphanage in town or better if I get the chance to be adopted by someone rich and who can raise me well. But time passed by and no one dared to take me out of that orphanage. I lost hope in doing better with a family and thought that I’ll do fine in the orphanage. That was then someone adopted me for real and I never really thought that will happen.

The family that adopted me wasn’t rich and they weren’t poor either. You can say that they were just average and I was fine with that as long as they will raise me. I was happy when I got out of that orphanage I grew sick with. The people who adopted me didn’t treat me as their own child, I couldn’t even fathom their reason for adopting me. They were both cold and not affectionate towards me. I was fine with that until their small business got bankrupt and they blamed me for that. It’s as if adopting me made them lose their attention to their business and made them spend more money than usual.

I lost the chance to study and make myself educated when I was older. The people who adopted me treated me like trash and made me work for them since they say it was my fault that they lost their business. They took all my savings and used it for their own good, leaving me nothing and not even a single penny. I left their house and ran away from them. But that was even worse since the world is full of dangerous people. I endangered myself, got into a fight and got into smoking and drinking. I almost got addicted to drugs if it weren’t for these people I met in the streets one day.

I didn’t take their words seriously when they said they’d help me with my problems and life. Since I already met a lot of untrustworthy people so why would I give them my trust? I lost faith in people even in God. But these people made me realize that it’s not the people who surrounded me that did wrong. It was me from the start. It was the wrong choices I made. If only I didn’t run away from home and just did something better for the people who adopted me, I wouldn’t have been here and lost the right path for myself. After all, those people still adopted me and took care of me even if they didn’t act like real parents.

Now, I’m finding my way again through these people who helped me and introduced to me the word of God, the morals and the lessons I should have learned sooner. I never thought after ruining my own life, I could still get back to my feet and find the right path for me.