How can I post my own story?

You cannot post your own story in our website by yourself. If you want your story to be posted in here, you have to submit it to us because we will be the one to post it. You can send us an email regarding your story and we’ll respond immediately. However, if you want to post by yourself in this site, you can just share a short story or concerns, thoughts and questions.

Where can I find the scriptures here?

Find the word ‘scriptures’ at the side of the homepage and click it. Scriptures and bible verses are posted there every other day. You can visit us anytime for the perfect verse of the day and be inspired by these simple words.

From whom do you get your stories every week?

We get them from different people who would like to share their own stories with us. Our website welcomes all of your messages and stories. We will pick any of those messages which will be posted for the week’s story. However, it is up to the sender if they want their name to be posted along with story they sent or if they want to remain anonymous. We care for your privacy so we are very meticulous in our posts.

If I post on the forum, can I be anonymous as well?

Yes, you can if you want to. You have to sign up in our website but if you want to hide your identity, you can just change your name since we don’t share your email or anything else. Most people don’t really share their true identities for privacy purposes and since most of their posts might be sensitive. We respect each one of you and your privacy so we can let you be anonymous here in our website.